Reinforcement Learning papers at NeurIPS 2021

This was my first time at NeurIPS as a full-time Research Engineer, and really enjoyed the dedicated time to discover new papers. Below are some notes on the Reinforcement Learning papers that I enjoyed the most. 1. Automatic Data Augmentation for Generalisation in Reinforcement Learning [arXiv, GitHub] TL;DR. Proposes a theoretically motivated way of using… Continue reading Reinforcement Learning papers at NeurIPS 2021

My machine learning research toolkit

In this post, I will share the key tools in my machine learning research workflow. My selection criteria included free accessibility to students, ease of adoption, active development, and quality of features. 1. Terminal session organiser - Tmux Tmux is a terminal multiplexer; it facilitates running and organising sessions on the terminal. Specifically, it enables… Continue reading My machine learning research toolkit